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Hibs Exclusive: ‘I know not every loan player is the same – but I feel a connection with fans.’



Emi Marcondes is aware of the criticism that supporters may level at loan players for not having the same bite and fight as players who are on an Easter Road deal. The Bournemouth playmaker, nevertheless, maintains that he is giving Nick Montgomery and his interim teammates everything he has because he is totally committed to the Hibs adventure.

Hibs now have five players on loan from other teams: Will Fish, a prospect from Manchester United, and January arrivals Marcondes, Myziane Maolida, Nectar Triantis, and Eliezer Mayenda. Marcondes understands that some people will always suspect loan players of making business decisions when the boots start flying, but he hasn’t decided what to do after his short-term deal expires.

The Danish No. 10 acknowledged, “I’ve had that question before, and I’ve seen it with different players.” However, I believe that I will always play from the heart and with the feelings of the team and the supporters, wherever I may be.

“As a player, I fully embrace the feelings and emotions of the supporters, as well as the joy of seeing the team triumph. I also truly connect with the individuals in the club and experience their feelings; this makes me more driven. That’s how my experience at Hibs has been.

That increases my drive, enthusiasm, and desire to perform well. I perform at my best when I do it. I realize that’s not the case for everyone who takes out a loan. But I believe that’s just who I am.

After Montgomery convinced him to sign during a face-to-face meeting in Dubai, Marcondes has grown to be a vital member of Hibs’ team. The 29-year-old has made seven starts, scored twice, and helped the team put on some of its best performances in the second half of the season. The former Brentford star is nearly back to his peak playing condition after recuperating from foot surgery for eight months.

Having served as a reserve for Bournemouth before to the Hibs offer, he might have chosen to stay on the south coast of England, earning his Premier League salary despite playing little. Still, Montgomery had the opportunity to hop in a taxi and make his case for the Scottish Premiership as one of several well-known players, headed by free agent Jesse Lingard, traveled to Dubai for intense training in January.

Marcondes remarked, “I certainly anticipated it would be different from the Premier League.” But just returning and playing football has been incredibly enjoyable for me.

“It feels good to be back on the field after a prolonged absence.” I feel like my body is handling the momentum of playing every third day for a few weeks now.

As we said, it helps that we’re playing excellent football. We play such excellent passing football with a nice framework, so it’s simpler for me since I enjoy playing that style of football.GET MORE NEWS HERE


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