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‘He has allowed me to…’ – Corberan raves about what West Brom chief has done behind the scenes



Mark Miles has received recognition from Carlos Corberan for his unseen contributions to the West Brom takeover.

In an interview with the Express & Star on Friday, March 1st, the Albion boss expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts of the club’s managing director in navigating the challenges faced at The Hawthorns in recent months.

The Spaniard conveyed his gratitude towards Miles for enabling him to concentrate solely on the footballing aspects of the club, while shielding him from concerns beyond his control. He emphasized that Miles had been instrumental in facilitating his role by ensuring all necessary support was provided.

Corberan spoke candidly about his focus since the beginning, highlighting his commitment to preparing the team within the financial constraints of the club. He underscored the importance of Miles’ work in managing the club’s difficulties, allowing him to remain detached from that process and concentrate on his coaching responsibilities.

The Albion boss praised Miles’ dedication and efforts in ensuring that the team’s needs were met, acknowledging his role in providing assistance whenever necessary to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Carlos Corberan and every member of the West Brom staff united

Indeed, achieving success, especially in a competitive league like the Championship and pursuing promotion to the Premier League, requires a collective effort from various individuals within the club. While the spotlight often falls on players and coaches, the contributions of those working behind the scenes are crucial.

Miles’ role as the managing director of West Bromwich Albion shouldn’t be overlooked. He has evidently played a significant part in supporting the club during a challenging period, including navigating the complexities surrounding the takeover process. His efforts have likely alleviated some of the burdens on the Albion boss, allowing him to focus on his coaching responsibilities with greater ease.

Acknowledging the efforts of individuals like Miles underscores the collaborative nature of football clubs and highlights the importance of every role in achieving collective goals. As West Bromwich Albion progresses towards their objectives, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the contributions of everyone involved, both on and off the pitch.

West Brom Shilen Patel and Mark Miles

The Athletic reported on Thursday (29 February) that new majority shareholder Shilen Patel intends to keep Miles at The Hawthorns and that he will take care of the day-to-day running of the club.

Corberan will now be looking to ensure all that hard work pays off as he continues to mount a promotion push after a promising past few months on the pitch.



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