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According to Carlisle United manager Paul Simpson, the Blues want to play high-flying Derby County to end the season on a positive note.

Currently ranked second in the table and vying for promotion to the Championship, they are playing a County team away at Pride Park.

“We’ll approach it the same way we’ve approached it the entire season: we’re going to strive to get a good showing and a good outcome,” Simpson declared.

“We want to go and ruin it, but we know that Derby is under pressure because they need one point to assure promotion back to the Championship, where the football club is prepared,” he continued.

“We want to go and attempt to push them to the point where they have to depend on other outcomes going their way in order to improve.

“We will take care of the retained and release list throughout the next few days after concentrating on the Derby County game.

“I believe that the season has revealed our needs.

“We have to make sure we get this right because we have a big job to make sure we’re competing at the right end of the table next season. There is no room for feeling.”

Simpson stated he wants to bolster the team in order to get ready for League Two play the next season, following a record-breaking amount of losses this one.

“Once we’ve handled that game appropriately on Saturday, there will undoubtedly be relief.

“My attention has been on getting this season finished as best we can over the past few weeks.

That still hasn’t turned out the way we had hoped.

“Taking care of the necessary tasks to ensure that this group of players is in a stronger position for the upcoming season is the major priority.”

Simpson thanked the Blues supporters for their unwavering support all season long.

“The main takeaway is that we are grateful for everything they have done for us this season—their devotion, encouragement, and perseverance,” he remarked.

“To them, I would say this: there are a lot of good things happening at the football club, and it would be wonderful if they could stick around and be a part of it. We’re all working hard to make next season a better one for us.”



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