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Gary Rowett weighs in on imminent Birmingham City transfer exodus



Following the club’s relegation to Sky Bet League One, Gary Rowett acknowledges that there may be a bit of a departure from Birmingham City this summer.

The 50-year-old Bromsgrove resident’s second stint with the Blues came to an end over the weekend, but he will continue to closely monitor any moves made during the next transfer window. While he understands it’s not an easy path, Rowett believes the majority of the team’s important players will remain to assist the team immediately recover.

There will be some dejected Bluenoses there because they have contributed significantly to the football team over a long period of time and have an amazing history. In his most recent post-match press conference, Rowett stated, “They definitely don’t want to be in League One.”

“The club has a lot of work ahead of it to get ready for the upcoming season in the coming weeks. It’s obvious that you can’t put off those planning weeks for too long. They will undoubtedly have to make some important choices about player contracts and the composition of the team for the upcoming season.

I believe that some of the players there have a responsibility to step up and declare, “You know, I’m going to get this football club back in the Championship.” While it can be simple to search for an escape route at times, Rowett advised the players to consider this.

But it’s not only the players’ job; owners Knighthead, under the direction of Tom Wagner, must provide wise and effective leadership. Even with the supporters’ patience, Rowett believes the board can compensate them, but it will not be easy.

Rowett believes there will be a lot of change at Birmingham this summer.

“I believe the club’s owners are decent folks with well-thought-out ambitions. If they get things right, I think the club is in for some really exciting years if we can match that with significant, meaningful foundations on the field.

Before departing the St Andrew’s at Knighthead Park press room for the final time, Rowett said, “Hopefully Tony [Mowbray] comes back as a manager to bring the club back in the Championship because there’s going to be a wonderful chance if they make the proper moves.”



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