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Gary Rowett press conference notes: Steve Evans response and key Birmingham City messages



Gary Rowett’s reaction to Rotherham United’s managerial change reflects the uncertainty it brings to their upcoming match against Birmingham City. With Leam Richardson sacked and Steve Evans taking charge, Rowett acknowledges that it disrupts his team’s preparation. Rotherham’s recent poor form and managerial instability add an element of unpredictability to the match.

Rowett anticipates that Evans will bring energy and a direct style of play to Rotherham, which may challenge Birmingham. Evans has a history of employing an unapologetically direct approach, as seen in his management of Stevenage, where they excelled in winning aerial duels. This style could pose a different challenge compared to facing other opponents.

Rowett emphasizes the need for his team to adapt and be prepared for Rotherham’s playing style under Evans. The uncertainty surrounding Rotherham’s tactics requires Birmingham to focus on their own performance while remaining flexible in their approach to counter any changes from the opposition.

Gary Rowett Interim Manager, of Birmingham City
Gary Rowett, the interim manager of Birmingham City, is keeping his team selection under wraps despite the expectation of an unchanged lineup following their impressive victory over Coventry. Rowett’s cryptic comments suggest he may be trying to keep both the media and Rotherham United’s new manager, Steve Evans, guessing ahead of their match.

Regardless of the lineup, Rowett demands a repeat performance from his players at the New York Stadium. He emphasizes the importance of analyzing the previous game’s performance to understand why they were successful. Rowett highlights the energy levels, work rate, defensive structure, and quality on the ball as key factors contributing to their victory over Coventry.

Rowett urges his players to maintain the same attitude and work ethic for the upcoming match, particularly focusing on improving their away form. With two consecutive away games ahead, Rowett sees it as an opportunity for his team to address this aspect of their performance.



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