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Gary Neville slams the Premier League while West Brom and Birmingham City wait for a £925 million financial boost



After they couldn’t come to an agreement on the conditions of a funding plan that will boost teams throughout English football, Manchester United veteran Gary Neville called the Premier League a “complete embarrassment.”

The 20 top-tier clubs got together on Monday to talk about an agreement that would see almost £925 million trickle down to teams in the EFL and other leagues. Nevertheless, the Premier League gave talks about changes to their own profit and sustainability guidelines and financial laws priority, thus no decision was made in full.

As expected, the decision sparked outrage from all over the EFL, with teams like West Brom and Birmingham City left in suspense as they awaited word on any potential support from the top division. Co-owner of Salford City in League Two, Neville acknowledged that he was displeased with Premier League clubs that prioritized “looking after themselves” over the “welfare of the game.”

He said to Sky Sport: “I am more interested in the vote they did not receive, which was to support the Football League as a whole, which they keep shoving aside and which is a complete embarrassment. It concerns both the long-term viability of the league as a whole and the welfare of the game.Currently, the Premier League is being careless in their dismissive behavior, simply putting it off and hoping that a regulator would take care of it eventually. In the meantime, they are doing nothing. That, in my opinion, shows that they are not properly overseeing the entire game, which is not good governance. Every time I watch them having a Premier League meeting and appear to take care of themselves but not the rest of football, it enrages me.

After Everton and Nottingham Forest received charges in recent months, Premier League clubs are aiming to change their profit and sustainability standards to align with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play model, instead of voting to fund the football pyramid.



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