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Former White Sox slugger joins touching video for Jason Kelce retirement



It’s heartwarming to see former sports stars like Jim Thome taking the time to congratulate Jason Kelce on his retirement from the NFL. Thome, adorned in White Sox gear, shared a heartfelt message for Kelce on an episode of the “New Heights Podcast,” which Kelce co-hosts with his brother Travis Kelce.

Thome’s message was filled with admiration for Kelce’s career and the way he played the game. Kelce, who grew up in Cleveland Heights, likely idolized Thome during his days with the Cleveland Indians, where Thome won numerous division titles in the mid-90s.

The connection between Thome and Kelce extends beyond admiration from afar. In 2012, both Thome and Kelce found themselves in Philadelphia, albeit on different teams – Kelce with the Eagles and Thome with the Phillies. This shared time in the city adds another layer of significance to Thome’s congratulatory message for Kelce.

Kelce’s reaction to Thome’s appearance on the podcast, as well as the reactions of those around him, speaks volumes about the impact Thome had on him as a sports figure. It’s a touching moment that underscores the camaraderie and mutual respect among athletes across different sports.


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