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South Sydney Rabbitohs

Five big questions for 2024: South Sydney Rabbitohs



The South Sydney Rabbitohs are facing significant pressure as they enter the 2024 season following a disappointing campaign in 2023. Despite starting strongly and leading the table after 11 rounds, they failed to make the finals, plagued by defensive issues and off-field turmoil.

Several key questions will shape the Rabbitohs’ path forward:

1. **Will Lachlan Ilias retain the number seven?** Ilias’s performance in 2023 was below expectations, raising doubts about his future as the starting halfback. The signing of Jack Wighton presents another option, putting pressure on Ilias to improve and secure his spot.

2. **Can South Sydney’s defence improve?** The Rabbitohs’ defensive performance declined significantly in the latter half of 2023, highlighting the need for improvement. Defensive solidity will be crucial for their success in the upcoming season.

3. **Will Latrell Mitchell stay fit?** Mitchell’s fitness has been a concern, and his absence in the latter part of 2023 had a noticeable impact on the team. His fitness will be crucial to the Rabbitohs’ campaign, especially considering his defensive and attacking contributions.

4. **Who plays the utility role?** Coach Jason Demetriou faces a dilemma in finding playing time for Peter Mamouzelos. With Siliva Havili occupying the utility role, Demetriou must decide if Mamouzelos adds value in areas where Havili does not.

5. **Is the forward depth good enough?** While the Rabbitohs boast a strong starting forward pack, concerns arise about their bench depth. The performance of bench players will be crucial in providing impact and support to the starting lineup.

Addressing these questions will be essential for the Rabbitohs to bounce back from their previous setbacks and compete at a high level in the upcoming season.


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