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Fan Focus: West Brom fan Andy says that the signing of Yann M’Vila surpirsed all Baggies fans



As the playoffs approach, West Brom has won ten straight games. Do supporters think you’ll succeed this season?

cautious confidence I consider our mentality to be… Although Corberan has performed admirably, we haven’t outperformed any of our probable playoff opponents this season, and it’s clear that the other contenders are talented.

We therefore have hope since the club is undoubtedly growing and there is a great deal of optimism for the future.

I’ve read that the team was taken over in February. Has the club’s financial situation improved since then?

Not calmed down, more buoyant, I would say.

A handful of Chinese owners, who were eventually taking loans from the club itself, were holding us down!

A deeply dedicated, upbeat, and modest Florida native named Shilen Patel leads the new ownership group, which has a strong bond with players, staff, and supporters alike. He views the team as a caring community organization. Wonderful to receive our DNA returned.That contrast is SO refreshing.

Stoke City v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship
Despite missing the playoffs by three points the previous year, Carlos Corberán’s team is destined to place fifth this year.
Jess Hornby/Getty Images photo

Do you believe Carlos Corberan has performed admirably considering the club hasn’t paid transfer costs this season, or were there expectations set earlier with the players you already have in the building?

Carlos has performed admirably, very astounding, especially in light of the fact that 16 months ago we were at our lowest point under Steve Bruce.

Kipre, Mowatt, and Fellows, three loanees who had all performed incredibly well, returned, giving the impression of signing three new players.

The January Window loanee, Mikey Johnston, has likewise performed admirably.

Let’s talk about the players. This week, Yann M’Vila played his first 90 minutes for the team. How has he performed since joining?

Yann was a signing, which I believe took us all by surprise!

Although he has undoubtedly had a great career—not least with Sunderland—at 34 years old and playing defensive midfield, which is one of our strongest positions, we must embrace the phrase “In Carlos we Trust” in order to support this temporary change.

As a temporary addition, Yann makes a lot of sense because he impressed Carlos during his time as Olympiacos’ manager.

M’Villa made his entire debut on Wednesday against a very undermanned Rotherham club. He appeared to be a technically proficient player, but Carlos will need to determine whether he is prepared for the more demanding tasks that lie ahead.

It speaks volumes about M’Villa’s pedigree to have 20 French caps. Whether you can play at this level at 34 and after missing 16 months of action is a risk that I wonder if Carlos is ready to take.

He makes a wonderful cover, at the very least.

West Bromwich Albion v Rotherham United - Sky Bet Championship
On Wednesday night, Yann M’Vila made his debut for West Brom in full against Rotherham.
Image courtesy of Getty Images

Josh Maja’s comeback to the game from the bench was also amazing. If he avoids injuries, do you think he can play well next season?

Maja’s medical history has been quite unfortunate.

Josh Maja has had an awful season after being involved in two hazardous tackles and suffering long-term injuries against Bristol City and, of course, at The Stadium of Light. Carlos appeared to have a revolving group of three forwards.

Although injuries can compound, everything I’ve heard about Maja is that he’s a fantastic character who deserves a fantastic season finale.

Carlos made the right decision by having Maja start for WBA U21 against Man City instead of Sunderland tomorrow.

Maja’s quality, in my opinion, meshes perfectly with our wide players, so both we and he have been unlucky with his injuries.

One player who has drawn my attention is Mikey Johnston, who was on loan in January. What qualities make him so successful, and are you in favor of his permanent presence?

In just ten weeks with us, Johnston—who is deservingly The Championship Player of the Month—has flourished, reaching his literal personal season goal.

Wingers have traditionally been associated with WBA; examples include Willie Johnston, Laurie Cunningham, Peter Barnes, and Kevin Kilbane.

Johnston is brisk and skillful, and he looks to be enjoying his football once more. It’s clear that his confidence has grown.

We would really like to keep Mikey if he continues on this trajectory; the question is if we can afford him.Republic of Ireland Training Session

Should Jack Clarke leave in the summer, Mikey Johnston has been connected to Sunderland as a possible successor.
Image courtesy of Sportsfile/Stephen McCarthy via Getty Images

There are several former Premier League players on West Brom’s roster. Which star players should Sunderland be on the lookout for?

WBA, in my opinion, is a group rather than a single person.

It’s a revelation that Cedric Kipre has regularly played terrific defense.

Tom Fellows is the important player in my opinion, although Alex Palmer has preserved the most clean sheets in The Championship. Yokulsu and Mowatt provide a strong foundation in central midfield, and they rarely let us down. At just 20 years old, Tom is a natural-born, old-school, direct winger who has been an incredible discovery. He possesses good speed and dribbling ability.

Grady Diangana, who also plays a more natural position of number 10, has been in top form for years and could be the key to the victory.

I’ve noted that a number of your team’s contracts are up for renewal in the summer. Is this cause for concern, or do you think it’s better to part with the higher earners?

The WBA has been steadily cutting some very experienced but highly compensated athletes in recent years since there is no other option, especially with regard to post-parachute compensation.

Although Carlos is unable to sign every player whose contract is up for renewal, Tom Fellows’ long-term contract in January was a declaration of purpose.

As with any end-of-contract agreements, the club must strike a balance between ambition and a reasonable salary.

Established players will undoubtedly be let go, and it might be challenging for us to hold onto guys like Kipre in the face of strong interest from teams hoping to sign a wealthy free agent.

Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship
When the teams last played in December, Dan Neil secured all three points with a wonderful chip.
Image courtesy of Sundland AFC/Ian Horrocks via Getty Images

Which eleven players will start the game, and how do you believe Corberan will approach it tactically?

Corberan has consistently maintained that having your best XI as starters is not the most crucial of requirements. The Championship is a marathon, and as it appears highly likely that WBA will place fifth, there is no reason to take a chance on guys like our captain Jed Wallace recovering from illness or injury this week.

The group MIGHT be. Johnston, Thomas Asante; Palmer, Furlong, Bartley, Kipre, Reach; Fellows; Yokuslu; Mowatt; Diangana or Swift; Johnston.

Carlos is an extremely forgiving coach who will make adjustments throughout the match as needed.

Given that both teams have lost their last three meetings 2-1, what is your prediction for the outcome?

I’m always impressed by Sunderland, and I wasn’t surprised by the outcome against Leeds. a strong, physically strong team that plays the ball in the vein of Tony Mowbray.

Being one of the top wide receivers in the division, Jack Clarke will likely control the outcome of his matchup with defensively vulnerable Darnell Furlong.

This matchup has been building for a while, and I believe it has an advantage because of Ballard’s dreadful challenge that led to Maja’s injury and Furlong’s elbow earlier in the season.

If anything, Sunderland’s performance against Leeds in the middle of the week showed once again what a tough team they are.

Tomorrow, I see precisely the same situation. WBA has not lost in ten games, but their past three have ended in draws.

I predict a 1-1 score tomorrow, so that run will continue!


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