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Does Jaxon Smith-Njigba’s hesitant approval of Shane Waldron raise valid concerns for Bears fans?



When it comes to the new Chicago Bears offensive coordinator, Shane Waldron, the general sentiment around the league seems positive, with coaches and officials praising his capabilities. However, a recent encounter with former Seattle Seahawks player Jaxon Smith-Njigba, who played under Waldron last year, revealed a surprising response.

During an interview on Super Bowl’s Radio Row in Las Vegas, Smith-Njigba’s reaction to questions about Waldron was unexpected. He hesitated and jokingly asked if it was live before saying, “Good luck with that.” Despite the initial awkwardness, Smith-Njigba went on to share more positive thoughts about Waldron, describing him as a great person and offensive coordinator. He expressed gratitude for the learning experience during his rookie year and predicted a good connection between Waldron and Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

While Smith-Njigba and fellow Ohio State alum Chris Olave voiced their support for keeping Fields and expressed concerns about trading him, the initial hesitation in Smith-Njigba’s response raised questions about potential behind-the-scenes issues. It’s worth noting that Smith-Njigba is relatively new to the NFL, and his limited exposure to Waldron’s coaching style might contribute to the unease.

Despite any uncertainties, it’s essential to recognize that no coach is perfect, and Waldron has shown positive results, particularly in his work with quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Geno Smith. The hope is that Smith-Njigba’s reaction is an isolated opinion rather than a preview of potential challenges under Waldron’s guidance for the Bears.

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