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Disaster: Razorbacks management concluded about head coach Pittman….



When Arkansas football began having a noticeable abundance of struggles on the offensive line during the 2023 season, Sam Pittman was, rightfully, bombarded with questions from the media regarding the unit’s issues.

Pittman had spent his entire career as an offensive line coach and built the reputation of being one of the best in college football before taking the head job at Arkansas. So, it was reasonable for the media to consistently ask him why that position group was floundering game after game.

Instead of answering head on, Pittman routinely played coy and opted to dance around those questions throughout the year. It was a tactic that frustrated fans and media alike, and led many to ponder whether or not he actually could identify and fix the problems.

It’s obvious now that Pittman knew the extent of his offensive line’s issues. The hiring of new offensive line coach Eric Mateos and three offensive line additions via the transfer portal are evidence of that.

So, that leads us to the question of why. Why exactly would Pittman opt to take criticism and flak from both Razorback fans and media instead of just being completely open and honest about the situation?

Well, according to Little Rock baseball coach Chris Curry, the answer is pretty simple.

Strategy Behind Alluding Media Questions

During a recent appearance on 103.7 the Buzz’s midday talk show “The Zone” with Justin Acri and DJ Williams, Chris Curry gave his opinion on what Sam Pittman’s strategy may have been.

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