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DeVonta Smith on his next level, A.J. Brown and Nick Sirianni



The article discusses Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith, who, despite a successful first three years in the NFL, believes there’s still another level to his game. Smith was selected by the Eagles as the No. 10 overall pick in the 2021 draft after his Heisman Trophy season.

In his rookie year, Smith was the Eagles’ top receiver, recording 64 catches for 916 yards. He has continued to excel in the subsequent two seasons, surpassing 1,000 yards in both 2022 and 2023, particularly thriving alongside A.J. Brown.

When asked how he can elevate his game, Smith emphasized the importance of being on the same page as the quarterback, maintaining good timing, and speaking the same language. Despite his familiarity with quarterback Jalen Hurts from their time at Alabama, Smith believes there’s always room for improvement in their connection.

The article notes that Smith’s best season was in 2022, where he totaled 1,196 yards, with notable yards after catch (YAC). However, in 2023, his YAC per reception decreased, likely influenced by the team’s offensive struggles.

The Eagles made changes to their coaching staff, bringing in Kellen Moore as the new offensive coordinator to inject fresh ideas into the offense. Smith expressed excitement about the return of head coach Nick Sirianni, praising his coaching approach and situational strategies.

Smith, along with A.J. Brown, forms one of the best receiver duos in the NFL. As the Eagles head into the 2024 season, Smith’s advice for getting the most out of their duo is to let them do what they do best.

Regarding contract extensions, Smith remains focused on the game, stating that when the time comes for negotiations, he will let things unfold naturally. Despite the potential for contract discussions, his primary focus is on his performance on the field.



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