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Dallas Cowboys may land $45 million linebacker in free agency



The Dallas Cowboys are facing several needs as they approach free agency, including bolstering their linebacker corps. With potential retirements and injuries thinning out their defensive depth, the Cowboys are rumored to be eyeing Jordyn Brooks as a solution to their linebacker issues.

Brooks, a Dallas native and former first-round pick, could provide a much-needed boost to the Cowboys’ defense. His combination of talent and experience makes him an attractive option for a team looking to shore up its defensive lineup.

However, signing Brooks won’t come cheap. Reports suggest that he could command a contract worth $45 million over four years, which would be a significant investment for the Cowboys. Nonetheless, given the importance of solidifying their defense, especially at the linebacker position, Dallas may be willing to make the financial commitment to secure Brooks’ services.

With other needs to address, such as offensive line depth and wide receiver No. 2, the Cowboys must weigh their options carefully in free agency. But if they prioritize strengthening their defense, particularly at linebacker, pursuing Jordyn Brooks could be a wise move to fortify their roster for the upcoming season.

Jordyn Brooks, a linebacker, could cost the Dallas Cowboys $45 million in free agency.

What Dallas Might Get from Him

While Jordan Brooks may come with a significant price tag, his potential to enhance the Cowboys’ defense is undeniable. Despite battling injuries, including an ACL injury in 2022, Brooks demonstrated resilience by missing only one game and delivering a standout performance in the 2023 season. With a career-high in tackles and notable improvements in both pass-rushing and coverage skills, Brooks showcased his value as a versatile linebacker.

At just 26 years old, Brooks offers a combination of youth and experience, making him an attractive long-term option for the Cowboys. His consistent production, highlighted by surpassing 110 combined tackles in each of his previous three seasons, underscores his reliability on the field. Additionally, Brooks’ career-high 4.5 sacks and eight tackles for loss in 2023 illustrate his ability to make impactful plays beyond traditional linebacker duties.

While the departure of Rashaan Evans created a void in the linebacker unit, Brooks presents an opportunity for the Cowboys to secure a stable and dynamic presence in their defense. However, given the team’s history of injuries and setbacks, Brooks will face the challenge of filling big shoes and overcoming any potential obstacles that may arise.

The Cowboys Will Look to Break the Linebacker Curse

In addition to Vander Esch’s uncertain future, the Cowboys have faced setbacks with other linebackers like Jabril Cox, who suffered a knee injury last season, disrupting his progress and potential impact on the team.

Despite these challenges, the Cowboys have made a notable decision to pick up Micah Parsons’ fifth-year option, providing a boost to their defense. Interestingly, they have chosen to exercise this option for Parsons as a defensive end rather than at his original linebacker position. This strategic move not only demonstrates confidence in Parsons’ abilities but also allows the team to save approximately $3 million.

While the loss of Vander Esch and the setbacks with other linebackers present obstacles for the Cowboys, the decision to secure Parsons’ fifth-year option reflects the team’s commitment to strengthening their defense and overcoming adversity.



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