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Cowboys Star Predicted to Bolt for Eagles in $6.5 Million Move



If Tony Pollard were to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles on a one-year, $6.5 million contract, it would be a notable move that could potentially impact the dynamics of the NFC East. With the Dallas Cowboys potentially seeking a new running back, Pollard could become a target for other teams looking to bolster their backfield.

The Eagles, in particular, could see Pollard as an attractive option, especially if they opt for a budget-friendly approach to the running back position. With D’Andre Swift hitting free agency and the possibility of not overpaying for his services, Philadelphia might view Pollard as a suitable replacement.

Pollard’s versatility as a runner and pass-catcher could add a dynamic element to the Eagles’ offense, complementing their talented offensive line and providing a spark in both the running and passing game. Additionally, a short-term contract would allow Pollard to showcase his skills and potentially earn a more lucrative deal in the future.

However, the potential impact of Pollard’s signing would also depend on factors such as the status of veteran players like Jason Kelce and the overall strategy of the Eagles’ front office in addressing their needs in free agency and the draft.

Overall, while Pollard joining the Eagles would be a significant move, its full implications would only become clear once the offseason unfolds and the team’s plans take shape.



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