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Cowboys news: The Mike Zimmer era has officially begun… again



About 30 years ago, Darren Woodson was establishing himself as one of the NFL’s premier safeties. With a Pro Bowl selection and two Super Bowl rings under his belt in just three seasons, he was already regarded as one of the league’s best at his position. However, his trajectory took a significant turn when Mike Zimmer took over as the new secondary coach for the Cowboys in 1995.

Zimmer wasted no time in making an impact, summoning Woodson to his office early on. There, they meticulously reviewed tape of Woodson’s previous season, specifically focusing on his shortcomings and mistakes. Despite initially disliking the experience and feeling shaken by the critique, Woodson admitted that it ultimately fueled his improvement.

Reflecting on the experience, Woodson acknowledged the discomfort it caused him initially, noting that he struggled to sleep for several days afterward. However, he also recognized the value in Zimmer’s approach, as it pushed him to elevate his game to new heights.

In the subsequent years under Zimmer’s guidance, Woodson’s performance soared. He earned Pro Bowl selections for four consecutive seasons and solidified his legacy as one of the Cowboys’ all-time great defenders, eventually becoming the franchise’s leading tackler.

This anecdote highlights the transformative power of constructive criticism and the role of dedicated coaching in fostering player development and success in the NFL.



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