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Coventry City’s handling of the departure of striker Viktor Gyokeres in the summer has been commendable, considering the concerns about goal-scoring following his exit.

Gyokeres, a talented Swedish forward, was sold to Sporting CP during the summer transfer window. Despite his departure, Coventry City has navigated the season well and is currently in contention for a play-off place in the competitive Championship.

The decision to sell Gyokeres to Sporting CP was seen as a necessary move. With the forward having only a year left on his contract and the club narrowly missing out on promotion to the Premier League, the chances of him signing a new deal were slim. Coventry City opted to cash in on Gyokeres, and despite the limited time left on his contract, they reportedly secured a substantial fee for his transfer, estimated to be around £20 million.

Additionally, the club negotiated a sell-on clause in the deal, entitling them to 15% of any future transfer fee if Gyokeres is sold by Sporting CP. This strategic move not only brought in significant immediate funds but also positioned Coventry City to benefit from Gyokeres’ potential future success. The article suggests that the financial aspects of the deal, both the initial transfer fee and the sell-on clause, contribute to Coventry City’s success in handling Gyokeres’ departure.

More Gyokeres profit is expected in Coventry City this summer.

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Coventry City’s decision to include a sell-on clause in Viktor Gyokeres’ deal with Sporting CP is proving to be a wise move, as the Swedish forward continues to excel at his new club.

Gyokeres has made a significant impact since joining Sporting CP in Portugal. His strong performances, whether in domestic league competitions, cup matches, or European competitions, have demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess and overall contribution to the team. As Gyokeres goes from strength to strength, Coventry City is likely to benefit from the sell-on clause they negotiated in his transfer deal.

The sell-on clause allows Coventry City to receive a percentage of any future transfer fee if Gyokeres is sold by Sporting CP. With the forward’s success and potential increase in market value, the sell-on clause positions Coventry City to earn further significant profits this summer. This highlights the importance of strategic negotiations and foresight in player transfer deals, ensuring that clubs can capitalize on the success of their former players in the future.

Numbers from Viktor Gyokeres’ Liga Portugal season thus far, according to FOTMOB
Statistic Number
Matches 18
Starts 18
Goals 15
Expected goals (xG) 10.92
Assists 8
Expected assists (xA) 3.81
Shots (per 90) 3
Shots on target (per 90) 2
Touches (per 90) 48
Touches in opposition box (per 90) 10
Fouls won (per 90) 3
Duels won (per 90) 7

Viktor Gyokeres has been in outstanding form since joining Sporting CP in Liga Portugal. In domestic league matches, the 25-year-old has scored an impressive 15 goals and provided seven assists in just 18 appearances. His prolific performances extend to cup competitions, where he has netted six goals and recorded two assists in four games. Additionally, in the Europa League, Gyokeres has contributed three goals and one assist in five matches.

The cumulative impact of these performances showcases Gyokeres’ remarkable goal-scoring ability and overall effectiveness on the field. As of now, his combined goal and assist tally stands at an impressive 24 goals and 10 assists in just 27 matches. This remarkable output reflects his significant contribution to Sporting CP across various competitions, making him a key asset for the club.

Large clubs connected to Gyokeres

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Viktor Gyokeres’ impressive performances at Sporting CP, with notable goal-scoring and assist contributions, have not gone unnoticed by some of the biggest clubs in Europe. Premier League giants Manchester United and Chelsea are among the teams reportedly expressing interest in the Swedish star.

Recent reports even suggested that Chelsea was considering making a substantial bid of £73 million for Gyokeres, highlighting the level of attention and potential transfer value associated with the 25-year-old forward. Coventry City, with their foresight in including a sell-on clause in Gyokeres’ deal with Sporting CP, stands to benefit significantly from any potential transfer moves involving the Swedish star. This interest from top clubs reinforces Gyokeres’ rising status in European football and the financial implications for his former club.

The article discusses the revelation made by Mark Robins, the manager of Coventry City, regarding the interest in Liam Kelly during the January transfer window. The piece hints at the potential increase in valuation for players like Kelly and suggests that this could lead to a bidding war in the upcoming summer transfer window.

In the context of Viktor Gyokeres, there are reports indicating that he might have a release clause set at £87 million. The article speculates that such a high valuation might be necessary for any club looking to sign him in the summer. It concludes by emphasizing that Coventry City, having negotiated a sell-on clause in Gyokeres’ deal with Sporting CP, could expect to benefit further from any potential transfer moves involving the Swedish star during the upcoming summer window. The sell-on clause positions Coventry City to receive a percentage of any future transfer fee, providing them with a financial boost.



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