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Corberan describes the significant physical obstacle Mikey Johnston, a Celtics loanee, is experiencing….



Although Mikey Johnston’s goal-scoring exploits while on loan from Celtic to West Bromwich Albion are garnering notice, his move to England may have longer-term advantages.

Since joining the Baggies during the winter transfer window, Johnston has scored six goals in ten games, winning praise from analysts, teammates, and his manager.

The winger is becoming more well-known and valuable, and Celtic will evaluate his circumstances when he rejoins the Bhoys at the end of the campaign.

Naturally, West Brom manager Carlos Corberan is happy to see him making an impact in the closing third, but he believes that because of his growing endurance, he still has plenty more to offer.

In order to play for 90 minutes, Mikey Johnston must improve.

Last week, Johnston played his first ninety minutes of the season against Bristol City, and the Spanish boss is certain that this is a must for Johnston to reach new heights.

It had been a while since he had played a complete game, he stated [Birmingham Mail, 22/03 print edition, page 53]. It’s critical that he continues to develop both physically and in all facets of the game. It is insufficient to judge players solely on their assists and goals.

“His contribution is always significant overall, but he is fully aware that he is a winger who plays outside and inside, even on the right, and who can finish attacks, complete team plays, assist team plays, or complete an individual play. It is crucial to have players at this caliber in order to win games.

“As a player, it’s crucial to go above and beyond the allotted minutes. This will make you more prepared to play those minutes again or play with greater vigor if you have fewer minutes. Thus, it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully, following the well-earned international call, he returns healthy and ready to continue showcasing his abilities.Plymouth Argyle v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship

Johnston needs to develop into the 90-minute player Corberan is referring to if he wants to play for the Celtics or even at a high level somewhere else in the future.

It has been rare for the winger to play an entire game for the Bhoys, but it would be encouraging to witness a run of reliable full-length games at West Brom as the season draws to a close.

Johnston has to improve his game to become a full performer. He has demonstrated on loan that he is a talented player with the capacity to affect games.



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