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Colts most important offensive position to address in 2024



The Indianapolis Colts are facing challenges with their positional spending on skill players, particularly at the wide receiver position. Despite committing significant resources, the team has struggled to find impactful free agent acquisitions in recent years. General Manager Chris Ballard acknowledges the need for flexibility and aggressiveness in approaching the offseason to construct a competitive roster in the AFC.

Ballard emphasized the increased flexibility resulting from not having a high-priced quarterback contract on the books, hinting at the team’s ability to be more active in free agency. While remaining prudent, the Colts are prepared to pursue players they believe can make a difference on the field.

WR: Ashton Dulin – $3.68M, Alec Pierce – $1.8M, Josh Downs – $1.25M

Alec Pierce and Josh Downs have emerged as promising young receivers for the Colts, providing valuable contributions to the team’s passing game. Their rookie contracts extending beyond 2025 signify the organization’s commitment to their development and potential long-term impact on the team.

In contrast, Michael Pittman Jr. has already established himself as a key playmaker for the Colts, delivering a career-best performance in 2023 with impressive statistics. As he enters free agency, the Colts will prioritize signing him to a long-term contract to ensure his continued presence and production within the team.

It’s noteworthy that Pierce and Downs are the only active receivers drafted by the Colts during Chris Ballard’s tenure as general manager, highlighting the team’s reliance on drafting and developing young talent to bolster their roster. This strategy underscores the organization’s emphasis on building a sustainable foundation for success through smart roster management and player development.

TE: Mo Ali-Cox – $5.92M, Kylen Granson – $3.16M, Jelani Woods – $1.46M, Will Mallory – $987K

Jelani Woods certainly has the potential to emerge as the Colts’ top tight end option in 2024, especially considering his promising performance as a rookie in 2022. His ability to contribute both as a receiver and a blocker adds versatility to the Colts’ offense, making him a valuable asset on the field.

Woods’ impact was evident in key moments during the 2022 season, including his game-winning touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. His combination of size, athleticism, and skill set him apart as a potential playmaker for the Colts’ passing game.

However, his hamstring injury during training camp in 2023 sidelined him for the entire season, preventing him from further showcasing his abilities. If Woods can fully recover from his injury and return to form in 2024, he has the opportunity to establish himself as a key target for quarterback Anthony Richardson and contribute significantly to the Colts’ offense.

With the Colts aiming to bolster their offensive weapons in free agency and the NFL Draft, Woods could benefit from improved overall talent around him, potentially opening up more opportunities for him to make an impact. If he can stay healthy and continue to develop his skills, there’s no reason why Woods couldn’t emerge as the Colts’ primary option at tight end in the upcoming season.


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