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“Coach’s Candid Confession: Struggling Crows ‘in the Dark’ and Far from Contention”



Adelaide senior coach Matthew Nicks is grappling with explaining his team’s early-season struggles. The Crows have suffered defeats in their first three matches of the 2024 season, losing to Gold Coast, Geelong, and most recently, Fremantle on Good Friday. This leaves Nicks’ team stuck with a disappointing 0-3 record, a situation that is notoriously difficult to overcome, especially in such a fiercely competitive season.

The loss to Fremantle underscored Adelaide’s scoring difficulties, as they managed to score only 4.10 (34) points, highlighting their inefficiency in capitalizing on opportunities inside the 50-meter line.

During an appearance on Fox Footy’s AFL 360, Nicks attempted to dissect his team’s disappointing start, acknowledging that they are facing challenges reminiscent of those they encountered six to twelve months ago. He emphasized the need to address minor issues that are currently hindering their performance, expressing anticipation for their upcoming match against Melbourne, one of the top teams in the competition.

Nicks also addressed the importance of the younger players, aged 21-25, who are now taking on leadership roles within the team. He admitted that the team is currently struggling but expressed confidence in their ability to bounce back, acknowledging that they are aware of the areas where they need improvement.

When asked about the reasons behind their current struggles, Nicks cited a combination of factors, including over-coaching, focusing on the wrong areas, and a lack of scoring opportunities in recent games. He emphasized the need for improvement and acknowledged the team’s strong correlation between scoring over 100 points and winning matches.

As they prepare to face Melbourne at Adelaide Oval, Nicks and his team are aware of the significance of the upcoming match on the AFL’s biggest stage.

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