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Bold Steelers Prediction Sees $118 Million QB Starting in Pittsburgh



It seems like the Steelers’ potential interest in Ryan Tannehill stems from his familiarity with Arthur Smith’s offensive scheme and his past success in a similar system. The speculation suggests that while Kenny Pickett is expected to be the starter, there could be pressure on him to perform, and if he struggles, Tannehill could step in.

Here’s a breakdown of how Tannehill fits with the Steelers based on the provided information:

1. **Familiarity with the Offense**: Tannehill has experience playing in the offensive system that Arthur Smith is likely to implement with the Steelers. This familiarity could expedite his transition into the role if needed.

2. **Past Success with Arthur Smith**: During his time with Arthur Smith as his offensive coordinator in Tennessee, Tannehill had significant success, including Pro Bowl recognition. This track record suggests he could thrive again in Smith’s system.

3. **Quality Supporting Cast**: The Steelers boast a promising group of pass catchers, including Diontae Johnson, George Pickens, and Pat Freiermuth. This could provide Tannehill with strong support, potentially leading to improved performance compared to his recent seasons.

4. **Potential Backup Role**: While Tannehill may initially come in as a backup to Pickett, the prediction suggests he could start at least four games in 2024 if Pickett struggles. This scenario underscores the team’s desire for competition and performance at the quarterback position.

5. **Pressure on Pickett**: Pickett, the Steelers’ young quarterback, faces significant pressure to perform and improve in the upcoming season. If he fails to show significant progress, the team may turn to Tannehill to lead the offense.

Ultimately, Tannehill’s potential signing by the Steelers could provide insurance at the quarterback position while also offering the team an experienced option with success in a similar offensive system. Whether Tannehill starts games in 2024 will likely depend on Pickett’s performance and the team’s overall success.



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