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Ben Kensell promises’significant’ football funding to Hibs following Bill Foley’s transfer hint.



Ben Kensell has reassured supporters that Hibs’ football department will receive substantial financial backing following a recent injection of investment. The club’s CEO played a central role in negotiations that resulted in Bournemouth’s billionaire owner, Billy Foley, acquiring a minority stake in Hibs. This deal, endorsed by the Gordon family, grants Foley’s consortium, The Black Knights, approximately 25% ownership through a share transaction valuing the club at approximately £20 million.

Kensell is optimistic about the immediate benefits for fans, citing the acquisition of Emiliano Marcondes on loan from Bournemouth during the winter transfer window as a prime example. He emphasizes that this collaboration allows Hibs access to talent that would otherwise be financially out of reach. While Kensell assures supporters that the club does not intend to rely solely on loan players, he underscores the potential for partnerships to bring in quality talent, improve recruitment strategies, enhance coaching education, and overall elevate the club’s performance.

Securing a deal of this nature, unprecedented in Scottish football, required approval from the Scottish Football Association (SFA). The multi-club model entails Foley’s involvement with Ligue 1 side Lorient and A-League newcomers Auckland City FC, alongside Hibs.

Kensell acknowledges the initial challenges in gaining SFA approval but praises the constructive dialogue that eventually led to a favorable outcome. He highlights the Gordon family’s commitment to realizing the late Ron Gordon’s vision for the club, emphasizing their discerning approach to partnerships.

The CEO elaborates on the genesis of the partnership with Foley’s group, spurred by discussions about the multi-club model and its success in various European leagues. With Ian Gordon’s involvement, negotiations progressed, buoyed by Bournemouth’s consistent interest and their willingness to collaborate without seeking controlling ownership.

Overall, the partnership represents a strategic move to capitalize on Hibs’ potential within the multi-club framework, enhancing the club’s prospects both domestically and internationally.



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