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Baucom: It Will Be Great To Have Fans Behind Us



Jorian Baucom commended the team’s resilience and determination, highlighting their strong collective spirit. She expressed anticipation for the upcoming SWPL match against Celtic at Meadowbank, indicating a positive outlook for the team’s performance.

Ahead of the upcoming match against Celtic in the SWPL, Jorian Baucom commended Hibernian’s performance in their recent Scottish Cup victory over Glasgow City. Speaking to Hibs TV, the striker expressed satisfaction with the team’s ability to secure a win against a formidable opponent in the cup, emphasizing their effective execution of the game plan derived from their week’s training. Baucom credited the collective effort and determination of every player, highlighting their unity and willingness to make sacrifices on the field. She believed that their display of passion and commitment warranted their victory.

Baucom expressed confidence that the team’s strong performance in the cup match has provided them with momentum going forward. She emphasized the importance of maintaining this momentum and striving for excellence in upcoming matches against other top teams. While acknowledging the support of their home fans, she stressed the need to maintain high standards of performance every Sunday. Baucom emphasized the importance of continuing to demonstrate heart, sacrifice, and teamwork on the field, as these are elements within their control that can lead to success.

Reflecting on her personal success as the league’s leading goal scorer, Baucom credited her teammates for providing her with the necessary support and service. She expressed gratitude for her teammates’ contributions and expressed satisfaction with her performance thus far in the season, while also expressing hope for continued success in the future.



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