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Bank holiday bottlers, hard times, and the important summer window All of your Coventry City inquiries addressed



In response to questions from fans about Coventry City’s performance and prospects for the remainder of the season, Sky Blues reporter Andy Turner provided insights and perspectives:

Regarding the disappointment against Cardiff, Turner doesn’t believe the players “bottled it” under pressure. While fatigue may have played a role, he suggests that the two own goals conceded were significant factors. Despite the setback, Coventry remains in contention for a playoff spot, with only four points behind Norwich City.

On the possibility of reaching promotion with 73 points, Turner believes it’s still within reach as long as Coventry remains close to Norwich in the standings. The outcome of upcoming matches, coupled with Norwich’s results, will influence the final standings.

In terms of suspensions due to accumulated yellow cards, Kasey Palmer is at risk of missing the semi-final due to his 10 yellow cards. Bobby is next with 8 yellow cards. However, the second booking amnesty has already passed after 37 games.

When asked about the preference between an FA Cup final or a play-off final, Turner suggests that the play-off final would be preferable, especially considering the likelihood of facing a formidable opponent like Manchester City in the FA Cup final. Turner believes that Coventry has a better chance of success in the play-off final if they play to their potential.

Lastly, Turner acknowledges the progress Coventry has made under the new regime, highlighting the backing from the fans as a contributing factor. He agrees that the team is on the brink of becoming a very good side, with the potential to elevate their performance with a successful summer transfer window.



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