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Adam Le Fondre reveals his Hibs injury like something from a CAR CRASH but vows he won’t be left behind



Adam Le Fondre’s season took an unexpected turn when he suffered an injury that doctors likened to those seen in car accidents. The veteran striker, who had never experienced a serious injury in his 20-year career, discovered he had been playing with a torn posterior cruciate ligament for two games before finally succumbing to the pain during a match against Ross County in October.

Despite the initial shock and disbelief at the severity of his injury, Le Fondre underwent a four-month rehabilitation process to repair his knee. He described the frustration of being sidelined, particularly as he had been performing well prior to the injury and felt he was making valuable contributions to the team.

During his recovery, Le Fondre set goals for himself, determined to return to the pitch in better form than before. He acknowledged the competition for places within the team and expressed his desire to continue scoring goals and helping the team succeed.

As he prepares to face Aberdeen, Le Fondre is aware of the significance of the match both for himself and for the team’s position in the league. Despite his contract expiring at the end of the season, he remains focused on playing football and making the most of his opportunities on the field.

In a light-hearted moment, Le Fondre discussed his decision to bleach his hair, a change prompted by his wife’s suggestion. While his daughters initially found the idea embarrassing, he ultimately went through with it, opting for a new look that adds a touch of flair to his appearance.

With his injury behind him and a fresh outlook on the season ahead, Le Fondre is eager to make an impact for Hibs and continue doing what he loves most – playing football.



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