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A lot of clubs…’: As well as Clarke, another Sunderland gem is one ‘to keep an eye on’



It appears that Sunderland will lose one or two important players in the summer.

It appears that at least one of Sunderland’s rising talents, Jack Clarke, may depart.

The former Leeds United and Tottenham player has had a true career rebirth at the Stadium of Light, scoring 15 goals and dishing out four assists in the Championship so far this year.

Even though Sunderland rebuffed transfer interest from teams like Burnley in the summer of last year and Lazio in January, it now appears likely that Clarke will be moved for a high price.

However, there are other players who are drawing a lot of attention as well. Dan Neil, for example, has been connected to Liverpool, and Pierre Ekwah and Dan Ballard have also attracted attention.

Goalkeeper Anthony Patterson is another name that has been linked to Liverpool and has appeared in Premier League headlines.

Thus far in his Sunderland career, Anthony Patterson

The 23-year-old Patterson was the Sunderland academy’s top goalkeeper before joining the team.

He was brought back from his loan term with Notts County during the second half of the 2021/22 League One promotion season, and it was when he received his chance.

Since earning a spot in the starting lineup, Patterson has hardly missed a match, demonstrating both his leadership and shot-blocking abilities. He has already made 116 appearances for Sunderland in all, with 33 clean sheets.

Patterson was reportedly the target of interest from Liverpool earlier this year.

Sunderland v Leicester City - Sky Bet Championship

Anthony Patterson is a player to watch this summer, according to Graeme Bailey.

It appears that Clarke will leave this summer. It’s unclear, though, who else might follow him out the Sunderland exit door.

Although Kristjaan Speakman and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus might be hesitant to let go of all of their top players in the summer, it will be difficult to refuse if the offer is good.

Transfer anticipate Graham Bailey gave his assessment of the next summer, saying that in addition to Clarke, Patterson is someone to watch out for.

Bailey, in an exclusive interview with Sunderland AFC News, stated:

“Jack Clarke will undoubtedly depart, but Anthony Patterson is the other person we should be watching,” Given that he is homegrown and well-liked by many clubs, he has the potential to be a No. 2 with a goal of becoming a No. 1. Therefore, as summer approaches, I believe interest in Patterson will grow. They’ll be wise to hold onto him.

Sunderland ought to pay Anthony Patterson eight figures.

Patterson’s name appears first, if not first, on the team sheets.

Since making his breakthrough, Patterson has received accolades. After his most recent game against QPR, in which Patterson produced a “unbelievable” save late in the game to keep the score tied, Patterson also received praise.

However, this season hasn’t been kind to him in terms of criticism.

Even though he hasn’t made any mistakes yet, he doesn’t always excite or wow the fans.

Furthermore, Sunderland would be better off paying $10 million or more for Patterson given that goalkeepers in England seem to be enjoying a golden age at the moment.

The academy player would make a significant profit if Sunderland paid £10 million for him. With that kind of money, they could afford to spend another £1 million or £2 million on a goalkeeper who is on par or even better.

According to Bailey’s remarks, Patterson might be moving this summer, and since several teams are interested, an auction might start, which would be fantastic news for the Black Cats.



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