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A Los Angeles columnist strongly criticizes Chip Kelly for his move to Ohio State, labeling it a ‘cowardly reverse.’ DO YOU AGREE??



Last week proved to be eventful for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they not only lost offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien to the head coaching job at Boston College just three weeks after his hiring but also had to quickly find a replacement. In a surprising turn of events, the Buckeyes secured former UCLA and Oregon head coach Chip Kelly as their new play-caller. This move raised eyebrows as Kelly seemed to be taking a demotion by moving from Los Angeles to Columbus.

The unexpected decision drew criticism from long-time L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke, who described Kelly’s choice as ‘cowardly,’ ‘selfish,’ and ‘disgusting’ in a recent column. Plaschke accused Kelly of flipping off the UCLA administration and abandoning the players who had beaten USC in his honor just three months earlier.

When UCLA initially hired Kelly, there were hopes of reviving the success he had with his 2009-2012 Oregon program, known for its explosive offenses and multiple BCS game appearances. However, Kelly’s tenure at UCLA fell short of those expectations, with a 35-34 record in six seasons, including three bowl game appearances in the last three seasons.

While Plaschke acknowledged Kelly’s desire for a change after six seasons at UCLA, he criticized the timing of the move, suggesting it may not have happened if Bill O’Brien had stayed with the Buckeyes.

Despite the controversy surrounding his decision, Kelly has joined the Ohio State coaching staff as the new offensive coordinator, leaving UCLA in search of a replacement head coach. Notably, the Buckeyes and the Bruins are not scheduled to face each other in the upcoming season as the Big Ten undergoes changes with the addition of USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington.

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