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A Huddersfield man who was barred from the town centre for bothering customers violates the order within days.



A man has been imprisoned for his unruly behavior, which resulted in his daily ban from the Huddersfield town centre at midday.

Andrew Hackin from Chesil Bank in Huddersfield broke the prohibition in less than a week. He violated his April 11 Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), and on April 18 Leeds Magistrates Court sentenced him to eight weeks in prison.

Officers discovered the 51-year-old on Kirkgate in the afternoon of April 17, six days after the Huddersfield Magistrates Court had declared him subject to the order.

Hackin received the five-year order because of his ongoing antisocial behavior, which was frequently associated with drinking and upset both the shop employees and the residents.

A pre-arranged appointment with services or the police was a requirement of his CBO, which prevented him from visiting the Huddersfield town centre from Castlegate South and Queensgate after 12 noon on a daily basis.

Additionally, he was not allowed to carry an open container of alcohol anywhere in the Public Space Protection Order-protected town centre of Huddersfield.

Huddersfield Town Centre -Credit:Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Computer “We welcome this conviction which demonstrates that criminal behaviour orders do work and give us the power to take real action against those who think it is acceptable to behave in a way which is clearly completely unacceptable to those around them,” stated James Hemsley, a member of the Huddersfield Pro Active Town Centre Team.

Due to Andrew Hackin’s actions, which seriously upset customers, employees of retail establishments, and commuters in Huddersfield, he was prohibited from accessing a specific area of the town center after noon every day. Now that he’s inside a prison cell, he will have time to consider his actions.



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