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A former Millwall player reveals the “bully” culture before West Brom



According to former Millwall player John Fashanu, the team is going through a culture shift with manager Neil Harris back in charge. After Harris’ return at the end of February, the Lions have been revitalized, and the 61-year-old expressed his gratitude to them.

In Harris’s debut game as manager, Millwall surprised Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium, winning 2-1. Following a draw with Blackburn Rovers, the team went on to defeat Watford and Birmingham City. At that point, Joe Edwards had only won four of his 19 games as manager.

The London team’s most recent defeat at the hands of Leeds United in Yorkshire won’t dampen the spirits of the fans, who have sensed a profound shift since Harris’ return. Harris, the club’s record goalscorer, managed the team for more than four years between 2015 and 2019.

The Den will host West Brom on Good Friday as Millwall attempts to recover from their loss to Leeds. It seems like a tough matchup as Millwall fights for survival and the Baggies are vying for a play-off spot.

Fashanu, a former Millwall star who played in 50 league games for the team between 1984 and 1986, has observed that under Harris, the club’s emphasis has shifted from intimidation to performances. “Millwall have been excellent since Neil Harris took over!” he said to Neil is performing admirably. With challenging players and an extremely aggressive style of play, managing Millwall is undoubtedly a challenging job. That’s how we played, at least!

“We frightened people, and we would have lost every game if we had tried to play on our talents instead of our capacity to frighten people. By becoming bullies, we were able to win half of our bouts. As he would have liked to do in a new club, Neil Harris came in and made changes. You cannot compare this team to the previous Millwall; this is a new Millwall.


Neil Harris has breathed new life into Millwall.
Neil Harris has given Millwall a new lease on life.

“So many times, whether it’s at the beginning of the season or halfway through, people write Millwall off and declare them to be as good as relegated, only for them to sneak back up and surprise everyone. They won’t be going down this season—I’ve heard and seen it all before.



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