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3 Michigan Football players who could have a long pro career



It is quite difficult to predict how long a prospect will stay in the NFL at any one point, especially with the draft drawing near and only hours away. They will experience trauma, psychological problems, aging, financial difficulties, pressures from the trade, and much more. Here are three players who, after creating history with their departure from Michigan football, might have extended stints at the top level of the sport, however there is no set timeline for how short their careers will be and it all depends on where they wind up.

1. Zinter Zak

Zinter gave an update on his recovery from the injury in a video that he uploaded on Sunday. He appears youthful for a :30 video. Zinter deserves to be the first player off the board on day two, but decision-makers’ concerns about injuries might prevent that from happening. To his credit, Zinter has had the finest offensive line coach working for him, and if he weren’t now the head coach, the coach would most likely follow him in the NFL.

A man like Zinter, who can start straight away if he is cleared, is always useful to a lot of clubs. It also doesn’t hurt his resume that he started all four years. Lance Zierlein of likens him to former Wolverine Graham Glasgow, who left Ann Arbor to carve out a successful career for himself. If one were to liken Zak to a member of the Michigan football team’s winning national championship squad, Steve Hutchinson might be his future mentor.

2. Michael SainristilSainristil will advance in his career because of his ability to play any corner position. Apart from the fact that Mikey plays larger than his 5’9″ stature, the concerns over his size are baseless. Just on the basis of his play and leadership, he may be a late first round selection. He is more beloved by pro football focus than by others, and Sainristil ought to be considered the best nickel option available.

His achievements are self-explanatory. Sainristil possesses every desire of a coach. Once selected, he will immediately strengthen a secondary. Bucky Brooks, a draft analyst, concurs and is praising him. Mike is the perfect example of a potential who is passed on yet ends up doing exceptionally well.

Sainristil and the coaching staff made the greatest choice possible when they switched from offensive to defense. These days, every NFL team needs him in his primary position, which makes him a high priority. He leaves legendary shoes for whoever has to take his spot in the starting lineup.

3. Wilson, Roman

In the pros, Wilson has the ability to be a slot expert. He also have the credentials to play on the outside. Nor does his stock suffer from the Jim Harbaugh seal of approval. Wilson might wind up joining him in Los Angeles with the Chargers’ transfer of Keenan Allen to Chicago and dismissal of Mike Williams. Anywhere he goes, he immediately makes an impact.

Although going from number 14 to number one in Ann Arbor can be perilous, Wilson didn’t seem to mind the attention. With 12 touchdowns, he went above and above the expected and left a championship legacy. His catch at Nebraska encapsulated his unwavering style of play while donning the maize and blue uniform. It will live on in memory much like Woodson’s 1997 interception.

Roman doesn’t have a Hall of Fame father to look up to, and his numbers have never been as successful as Marvin Harrison Jr.’s. He has put in more effort than others to get to this point, and it will pay off for him once more—probably on the second night of the draft. His 4.39 speed won’t make a dent in his cause.

A recurring element among the three guys and the large number of Michigan football players selected this weekend is their unwavering work ethic and resolve. Coach Harbaugh and the values he instilled in these players for the school he values are the foundation of it all. If you’re a die-hard fan of Wolverine, savor this moment while it lasts since we don’t know when it will occur again.



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