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3 Likely Destinations for Haason Reddick After Trade Request



Trading Haason Reddick could indeed reshape the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line and potentially yield a substantial return for the team. As one of the NFL’s standout pass rushers, Reddick possesses the skills and versatility to make an immediate impact for any team in need of edge rush help.

Several teams could emerge as potential trade destinations for Reddick, each with unique motivations and resources to pursue such a move:

1. Washington Commanders: With a need for a premier pass rusher following the departure of Montez Sweat and Chase Young, the Commanders could view Reddick as the missing piece to elevate their defense under new head coach Dan Quinn. Washington’s ample cap space and draft capital make them a viable trade partner for the Eagles.

2. Atlanta Falcons: Seeking to bolster their pass rush and support new head coach Raheem Morris, the Falcons could target Reddick as a key addition to their defense. With a projected $29 million in cap space and multiple Day 2 picks in the upcoming draft, Atlanta has the resources to make a compelling offer for the Pro Bowl edge rusher.

3. Chicago Bears: After acquiring Montez Sweat earlier in the season, the Bears could continue their defensive overhaul by pursuing Reddick to further strengthen their pass rush. Pairing Reddick with Sweat would create a formidable duo off the edge, potentially transforming Chicago’s defense into a dominant unit.

4. Indianapolis Colts: In need of additional playmakers on defense, the Colts could explore a trade for Reddick to bolster their pass rush and complement their talented secondary. With significant cap space and draft assets at their disposal, Indianapolis has the flexibility to make a competitive offer for the dynamic edge rusher.

Ultimately, the decision to trade Haason Reddick will hinge on the Eagles’ evaluation of their roster and long-term goals. However, with interest likely to be high from multiple teams, Philadelphia could secure a valuable return that helps shape the future of their defense.

1. Washington Commanders

Acquiring Reddick could indeed be a transformative move for the Commanders as they seek to bolster their pass rush and elevate their defense under new head coach Dan Quinn. With the departure of key pass rushers like Montez Sweat and Chase Young, Washington finds itself in need of a premier edge rusher to lead the defensive charge.

While the Commanders have seen solid production from players like Jonathan Allen and Casey Toohill, adding a proven edge rusher like Reddick would significantly bolster their ability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Reddick’s speed, athleticism, and pass-rushing prowess make him an ideal candidate to fill the void left by the departures of Sweat and Young.

Despite the potential reluctance of the Eagles to trade with a division rival, Washington’s ample cap space and draft capital provide them with the means to make a compelling offer for Reddick. Offering a combination of Day 2 picks could entice the Eagles to consider a deal, especially if it aligns with their roster-building strategy.

For Washington, acquiring Reddick would not only address a critical need on defense but also provide Quinn with a versatile playmaker capable of wreaking havoc off the edge. Quinn’s track record of maximizing the talents of dynamic defensive players, as evidenced by his success with Micah Parsons in Dallas, suggests that Reddick could thrive under his guidance.

In a competitive NFC East division, adding Reddick to their defensive arsenal could position the Commanders for sustained success and contention in the years to come.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Acquiring Reddick could indeed be a smart move for the Falcons as they look to bolster their pass rush and set a positive tone for the Raheem Morris era. With the potential departure of sack leaders like Calais Campbell and Bud Dupree in free agency, adding a proven edge rusher like Reddick would address a significant need on the defense.

Considering that the Falcons have ample cap space and multiple Day 2 picks in the upcoming draft, they have the resources to pursue Reddick and potentially strike a deal with the team that currently holds his rights. Offering a Day 2 pick could be a reasonable strategy, especially if it helps secure a player of Reddick’s caliber who can make an immediate impact on the team’s defense.

Despite Reddick being 29 years old, his recent performance suggests that he is still in his prime and capable of being a difference-maker on the field. With a defensive-minded head coach like Morris at the helm, Reddick’s skill set and experience could be invaluable in elevating the Falcons’ defense to the next level, particularly in a competitive division like the NFC South.

Ultimately, pursuing Reddick could be a shrewd move for the Falcons as they aim to address their pass rush needs and build a formidable defense under Morris’ leadership.

3. Chicago Bears

Adding a player of Reddick’s caliber to the Bears’ defensive line alongside Sweat would indeed create a formidable pass rush duo that could wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks. With Sweat’s proven ability to pressure quarterbacks and Reddick’s track record of recording sacks, the combination of their skills would present a significant challenge for any offensive line to handle.

Given Chicago’s defensive struggles in generating sacks, hits, and pressures during the previous season, bolstering the defensive line is a priority for the team. Reddick’s addition would provide a much-needed boost in this area and help elevate the overall performance of the defense.

However, with limited draft capital and several areas of need to address, the Bears must be strategic in their approach to free agency and the draft. While they have the financial flexibility to pursue a player like Reddick, they must also consider their other roster needs and the impact of potential re-signings, such as cornerback Jaylon Johnson.

Ultimately, striking a balance between free-agent acquisitions, draft selections, and retaining key players will be crucial for the Bears as they aim to strengthen their defense and compete at a higher level in the upcoming season.


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